WITHDRAWN: Touch therapies for pain relief in adults.

  title={WITHDRAWN: Touch therapies for pain relief in adults.},
  author={Pui Shan So and Johnny Yu Jiang and Ying Qin},
  journal={The Cochrane database of systematic reviews},
Background Pain is a global public health problem affecting the lives of large numbers of patients and their families. Touch therapies (Healing Touch (HT), Therapeutic Touch (TT) and Reiki) have been found to relieve pain, but some reviews have suggested there is insufficient evidence to support their use. Objectives To evaluate the effectiveness of touch therapies (including HT, TT, and Reiki) on relieving both acute and chronic pain; to determine any adverse effect of touch therapies… 

Interventions for treating pain and disability in adults with complex regional pain syndrome.

There is a critical lack of high quality evidence for the effectiveness of most therapies for CRPS, and low quality evidence suggests that physiotherapy or occupational therapy are associated with small positive effects that are unlikely to be clinically important at one year follow up when compared with a social work passive attention control.

Integrating Non-pharmacological Therapies with Western Medicine in Cancer Treatment

  • G. Can
  • Medicine, Psychology
  • 2013
There is an urgent need for well-designed randomized controlled trials to test the effectiveness of non-­pharmacological interventions for symptom management.

Acupuncture Pain Research: Quantitative and Qualitative

The authors conclude that acupuncture is indicated in chronic pain condition such as low back pain; this is supported by effectiveness studies (pragmatic trials) and positive patient’s feedback from qualitative studies, and is cost-effective.

Complementary and alternative medicine therapies for the anesthesiologist and pain practitioner: a narrative review Traitements de medecine complementaire et alternative pertinents pour l'anesthesiologiste et le clinicien de la douleur: un compte rendu narratif

An overview of the complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapies that anesthesiologists and pain management practitioners commonly encounter are provided along with recommendations for evaluation and implementation and practical considerations are provided for patients and practitioners.

PTU-141 A Pragmatic Randomised Controlled Trial of Healing Therapy in a Gastroenterology Outpatient Setting

The addition of healing therapy in IBS was associated with improvements in symptoms and QoL in I BS, and to a lesser extent in IBD.

CAM in Chronic Pain and Palliative Care

This chapter presents evidence regarding selected CAM modalities in the settings of chronic pain and palliative care and categorizes them according to the following NCCAM-specified categories.

Mind-Body Medicine

This chapter summarizes the evidence for the effectiveness of select mind-body therapies categorized as cognitive, expressive, physical/kinesthetic, sensory, and biofield/energy interventions and proposes applications for use in pediatric oncology.

Integrative Therapies to Support Palliative and End-of-Life Care in Lung Disease

Evidence-based integrative or complementary therapies can be utilized to effectively supplement allopathic palliative treatment of multidimensional symptoms expressed by seriously ill patients and families.



Therapeutic Massage and Healing Touch Improve Symptoms in Cancer

Therapeutic massage and healing touch are more effective than presence alone or standard care in reducing pain, mood disturbance, and fatigue in patients receiving cancer chemotherapy.

The effect of therapeutic touch on pain and anxiety in burn patients.

Subjects who received TT reported significantly greater reduction in pain on the McGill Pain Questionnaire Pain Rating Index and Number of Words Chosen and greater Reduction in anxiety on the Visual Analogue Scale for Anxiety than did those who received sham TT.

A Pilot Study of Healing Touch and Progressive Relaxation for Chronic Neuropathic Pain in Persons With Spinal Cord Injury

Experiences with HT sessions indicate that it may have benefit in the complex response to chronic pain, and there was a significant difference in the composite of interference on the Brief Pain Inventory.

Effects of Therapeutic Touch On Tension Headache Pain

Study results indicated that TT may have potential beyond a placebo effect in the treatment of tension headache pain.

Evaluation of healing by gentle touch in 35 clients with cancer.

The Effectiveness of Therapeutic Touch for Decreasing Pain in Elders with Degenerative Arthritis

Differences in effectiveness existed between the IT and PMR groups; the pain and distress scores were lower in the PMR group.