WHO plans new yaws eradication campaign

  title={WHO plans new yaws eradication campaign},
  author={John Frederick Denison Maurice},
  journal={The Lancet},
  • J. Maurice
  • Published 14 April 2012
  • Medicine
  • The Lancet
Eradication of Yaws: Historical Efforts and Achieving WHO's 2020 Target
It is argued that this goal is now technically feasible using new tools and with the favorable environment for control of NTDs, and that with modest support, the WHO eradication target of 2020 can be achieved.
Ulcerative skin lesions among children in Cameroon: It is not always Yaws.
The results suggest that H. ducreyi might be more frequently associated to skin ulcers in the examined children than T. p.
Validation of Serological Tests for the Detection of Antibodies Against Treponema pallidum in Nonhuman Primates
All tests, TTs and NTTs, used in this study were able to reliably detect antibodies against T. pallidum in serum samples of infected baboons, and the TT Espline TP provided the highest sensitivity and specificity and at the same time provided the most suitable format for use in the field.
Whole Genome Sequence of the Treponema Fribourg-Blanc: Unspecified Simian Isolate Is Highly Similar to the Yaws Subspecies
The Fribourg-Blanc genome showed similar genetic characteristics as other TPE strains, and it is proposed to rename the unclassified simian isolate to Treponema pallidum ssp.
Correction: Treponema pallidum Infection in the Wild Baboons of East Africa: Distribution and Genetic Characterization of the Strains Responsible
The sequence information for the Nichols and Mexico A strains at nucleotide position 2,388 of the tp92 gene was inadvertently switched and the incorrect information in Table 2 was used to create the phylogenetic tree in Figure 2.
Correction: Validation of Serological Tests for the Detection of Antibodies Against Treponema pallidum in Nonhuman Primates
This research presents a novel probabilistic procedure that allows for direct measurement of the response of the immune system to earthquake-triggered landsliding.
Complete genome sequences of two strains of Treponema pallidum subsp. pertenue from Ghana, Africa: Identical genome sequences in samples isolated more than 7 years apart
It is found that the most recent common ancestor of syphilis and yaws treponemes appears to be more than ten thousand years old and likely even older.
Pintoid Dyschromia of Yaws: A Rare Presentation of a Neglected Infectious Disease
A 53 year old man, who is originally from the West Indies, with Fitzpatrick Type 5 skin presented with hypopigmented ill-defined macules on the entire body that appeared over a period of several years, he admitted that he had yaws as a child when he was living in Jamaica, theWest Indies, where yaws was endemic at that time.