WHO facilitates international collaboration in setting standards for clinical trial registration

  title={WHO facilitates international collaboration in setting standards for clinical trial registration},
  author={Ahmet Metin G{\"u}lmezoglu and Tikki Pang and Richard C. Horton and Kay Dickersin},
  journal={The Lancet},

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The results show that further promotion and implementation of trial registration and accurate reporting of TRN is still needed and this might be helped by inclusion of the TRN as an item on the CONSORT checklist.
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Despite recommendations of regulatory agencies, PRO assessment is extremely rare in paediatric oncology clinical trials and more efforts should be undertaken to facilitate implementation of PRO in paediatrics trials to guarantee patient-centred research and treatments.
Challenges for funders in monitoring compliance with policies on clinical trials registration and reporting: analysis of funding and registry data in the UK
Compliance with the funder policy requirements on trial registration was excellent and Reporting of the main findings was achieved for most trials within 24 months of completion; however, the number of unreported trials remains a concern and should be a focus for future funderpolicy initiatives.
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Collaboration among national regulatory agencies will enable Africa to be treated as one regulatory jurisdiction and reduce administrative burden, and patients will benefit as quality of clinical practice improves and access to new therapies is enhanced.
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This study found a high compliance in reporting of the TRN for trial papers published in ICMJE member journals, but prospective trial registration was low and detected a new form of bias, selective registration bias.
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Principles for international registration of protocol information and results from human trials of health related interventions: Ottawa statement (part 1)
An open meeting on 4 October 2004 in Ottawa, Canada, to foster international consensus on trial registration aims to establish internationally recognised principles for registration and highlights and discusses some of the key principles.
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We, the Editors and the Scientific Publishing Committee of the American Heart Association journals, support the principles enunciated in the editorial “Clinical Trial Registration: A Statement From