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  author={G. D. Welty},
  journal={Railway Age},
  • G. Welty
  • Published 1 October 1994
  • Business
  • Railway Age
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Self-Service BI does it Change the Rule of the Game for BI Systems Designers
Users of Business Intelligence (BI) systems have started to demand more flexible systems in which they could be empowered to serve themselves – self-service BI. In this paper we aim at explaining how
Modelling international entry mode choice and speed : locational and cognitive insights in Pakistani small businesses
This thesis intends to explore the process of foreign investment and entry mode choices of small firms from Pakistan. Pakistan being an epicure of global terrorism and ethnictension is an economy
Sentiment Analysis of Short Informal Texts
We describe a state-of-the-art sentiment analysis system that detects (a) the sentiment of short informal textual messages such as tweets and SMS (message-level task) and (b) the sentiment of a word
Using Factual Density to Measure Informativeness of Web Documents
This work compiled a human-annotated reference corpus to be used as ground truth data to measure the adequacy of automatic prediction of informativeness of documents and shows that factual density is applicable toMeasure the informativity of textual contents of arbitrary Web documents.
Assessing the Validity of Brand Equity Constructs
This paper tests both the internal and external validity of the Erdem and Swait (1998) brand equity framework using two measurement modelling approaches, namely the relatively new Best-Worst scaling
Configuring quality management and marketing implementation and the performance implications for industrial marketers
Abstract This study empirically examines if different configurations of quality management and marketing (Q&M) implementation exist in various industrial organizations and explores their implications
How to Assess and Customize Service Value for IT Cloud Services Clients
  • K. Ramaswami, A. Sailer
  • Computer Science
    2012 IEEE Ninth International Conference on Services Computing
  • 2012
This article describes our novel methodology to ascertain the IT Cloud customer's perceived service value in terms of non-functional requirements and our experience applying this methodology to
The Impact of Business Intelligence Tools on Performance: A User Satisfaction Paradox?
An exploratory, cross-sectional field study investigating the factors that define and drive benefits associated with the deployment of dedicated BI tools reveals a ‘user satisfaction paradox’: in contrast to the predictions derived from the DeLone-McLean model, organizational performance is negatively associated with user satisfaction with BI tools.
An Exploratory Study on the Important Factors of Financial Services Depending on the Types of Financial Consumers
There have been some research papers on financial services marketing, but there are only few exploratory studies that analyze characteristics of financial consumers in Korea. This study examines,
Nutrition training for chefs: taste as an essential determinant of choice.
Las Vegas LEAN demonstrated that nutrition education for chefs is the key to long-term and successful menu changes, and entrepreneurial dietitians have an opportunity to market nutrition skills to restaurants and hotels wishing to implement low-fat cuisine with good taste.