WASP-34b: A near-grazing transiting sub-Jupiter-mass exoplanet in a hierarchical triple system

  title={WASP-34b: A near-grazing transiting sub-Jupiter-mass exoplanet in a hierarchical triple system},
  author={B. Smalley and D. Anderson and A. Cameron and C. Hellier and M. Lendl and P. Maxted and D. Queloz and A. Triaud and R. West and S. Bentley and B. Enoch and M. Gillon and T. Lister and F. Pepe and D. Pollacco and D. Śegransan and A.M.S. Smith and J. Southworth and S. Udry and P. Wheatley and P. L. Wood and J. Bento},
We report the discovery of WASP-34b, a sub-Jupiter-mass exoplanet transiting its 10.4-magnitude solar-type host star (1SWASP J110135.89-235138.4; TYC 6636-540-1) every 4.3177 days in a slightly eccentric orbit (e = 0.038 ± 0.012). We find a planetary mass of 0.59 ± 0.01 MJup and radius of 1.22 +0.11 −0.08 RJup. There is a linear trend in the radial velocities of 55 ± 4m s −1 y −1 indicating the presence of a long-period third body in the system with a mass >0.45 MJup at a distance of >1.2 AU… Expand

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