WALOP-South: A wide-field one-shot linear optical polarimeter for PASIPHAE survey

  title={WALOP-South: A wide-field one-shot linear optical polarimeter for PASIPHAE survey},
  author={Siddharth Maharana and John A. Kypriotakis and Anamparambu N. Ramaprakash and Pravin Khodade and Chaitanya V. Rajarshi and Bhushan D. Joshi and Pravin Chordia and Ramya M. Anche and Shrish Mishra and Dmitry Blinov and Hans Kristian Eriksen and Tuhin Ghosh and Eirik Gjerl{\o}w and Nikolaos Mandarakas and Georgia V. Panopoulou and V. Pavlidou and Timothy J. Pearson and Vincent Pelgrims and Stephen B. Potter and Anthony C. S. Readhead and R. Skalidis and Konstantinos Tassis and I. K. Wehus},
  journal={Ground-based and Airborne Instrumentation for Astronomy VIII},
WALOP (Wide-Area Linear Optical Polarimeter)-South, to be mounted on the 1m SAAO telescope in South Africa, is first of the two WALOP instruments currently under development for carrying out the PASIPHAE survey. Scheduled for commissioning in the year 2021, the WALOP instruments will be used to measure the linear polarization of around 106 stars in the SDSS-r broadband with 0.1 % polarimetric accuracy, covering 4000 square degrees in the Galactic polar regions. The combined capabilities of one… 
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