W -algebras related to parafermion algebras

  title={W -algebras related to parafermion algebras},
  author={Chongying Dong and Ching Hung Lam and Hiromichi Yamada},
  journal={Journal of Algebra},
Parafermion vertex operator algebras
This paper reviews some recent results on the parafermion vertex operator algebra associated to the integrable highest weight module L(k, 0) of positive integer level k for any affine Kac-Moody Lie
Sigma involutions associated with parafermion vertex operator algebra
An irreducible module for the parafermion vertex operator algebraK(sl2, k) is said to be of σ-type if an automorphism of the fusion algebra of K(sl2, k) of order k is trivial on it. For any integer k
Universal two-parameter even spin W∞-algebra
A level-rank duality for parafermion vertex operator algebras of type A
We show that the tensor product of the parafermion vertex operator algebras K(slk+1, n + 1) ⊗ K(sln+1, k + 1) can be embedded as a full subVOA into the lattice VOA VAn⊗Ak . The decomposition of
The structure of parafermion vertex operator algebras K(osp(1|2n),k)
Vertex algebras of CohFT-type
Representations of certain vertex algebras, here called of CohFT-type, can be used to construct vector bundles of coinvariants and conformal blocks on moduli spaces of stable curves [DGT2]. We show
Parafermion vertex operator algebras and $W$-algebras
We prove the conjectual isomorphism between the level $k$ $\widehat{sl}_2$-parafermion vertex operator algebra and the $(k+1,k+2)$ minimal series $W_k$-algebra for all integers $k \ge 2$. As a
Let V be a simple vertex operator algebra containing a rank n Heisenberg vertex algebra H and let C = Com(H;V) be the coset of H in V. Assuming that the module categories of interest are vertex


Z3 symmetry and W3 algebra in lattice vertex operator algebras
The W 3 algebra of central charge 6/5 is realized as a sub-algebra of the vertex operator algebra V√ 2A2 associated with a lattice of type √2A 2 by using both coset construction and orbifold theory.
Decomposition of the lattice vertex operator algebra V2Al
Simple currents and extensions of vertex operator algebras
We consider how a vertex operator algebra can be extended to an abelian interwining algebra by a family of weak twisted modules which aresimple currents associated with semisimple weight one primary
Vertex operator algebras associated to representations of affine and Virasoro Algebras
The first construction of the integrable highest-weight representations of affine Lie algebras or loop algebras by Kac i-K] was greatly inspired by the generalization of the Weyl denominator formula
Z_3 symmetry and W_3 algebra in lattice vertex operator algebras
The W_3 algebra of central charge 6/5 is realized as a subalgebra of the vertex operator algebra V_{\sqrt{2}A_2} associated with a lattice of type \sqrt{2}A_2 by using both coset construction and
Norton's Trace Formulae for the Griess Algebra¶of a Vertex Operator Algebra with Larger Symmetry
Abstract: Formulae expressing the trace of the composition of several (up to five) adjoint actions of elements of the Griess algebra of a vertex operator algebra are derived under certain assumptions
Coset Realization of Unifying { w} Algebras
We construct several quantum coset W-algebras, e.g. d sl(2,IR)/ d U(1) and d sl(2,IR)⊕ d sl(2,IR)/ d sl(2,IR), and argue that they are finitely nonfreely generated. Furthermore, we discuss in detail
Rationality of Virasoro Vertex Operator Algebras Weiqiang Wang
Vertex operator algebras (VOA) were introduced by Borcherds ( [B] ) as an axiomatic description of the ‘holomorphic part’ of a conformal field theory ( [BPZ] ). An account of the theory of vertex
Modular invariance of characters of vertex operator algebras
In contrast with the finite dimensional case, one of the distinguished features in the theory of infinite dimensional Lie algebras is the modular invariance of the characters of certain