W-Band Power Performance of SiN-Passivated N-Polar GaN Deep Recess HEMTs

  title={W-Band Power Performance of SiN-Passivated N-Polar GaN Deep Recess HEMTs},
  author={Brian Romanczyk and Umesh K. Mishra and Xun Zheng and Matthew Guidry and Haoran Li and Nirupam Hatui and Christian Wurm and Athith Krishna and Elaheh Ahmadi and Stacia Keller},
  journal={IEEE Electron Device Letters},
This letter reports on the improvement of the large-signal W-band power performance of nitrogen-polar gallium nitride deep recess high electron mobility transistors with the addition of a 40-nm-thick ex-situ silicon nitride passivation layer deposited by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition. The additional passivation improves the dispersion control allowing the device to be operated at higher voltages. Continuous-wave load pull measurements performed at 94 GHz on a $2\times 37.5\,\,\mu… Expand

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