W-Band Active Down-Conversion Mixer in Bulk CMOS

  title={W-Band Active Down-Conversion Mixer in Bulk CMOS},
  author={Ning Zhang and Haifeng Xu and Hsin-Ta Wu and K. O. Kenneth},
  journal={IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters},
A W-band (76-77 GHz) active down-conversion mixer has been demonstrated using low leakage (higher VT) NMOS transistors of a 65-nm digital CMOS process with 6 metal levels. It achieves conversion gain of -8 dB at 76 GHz with a local oscillation power of 4 dBm ( ~ -2 dBm after de-embedding the on-chip balun loss), and 3 dB bandwidth of 3 GHz. The SSB noise figures are 17.8-20 dB (11.3-13.5 dB after de-embedding on-chip input balun loss) between 76 and 77 GHz. IP1dB is -6.5 dBm and IIP3 is 2.5 dBm… CONTINUE READING
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