• Philosophy
  • Published 2011

Vztah bible, biblické hermeneutiky a křesťanské sociální etiky: metodologické poznámky k utváření teologickoetické reflexe

  title={Vztah bible, biblick{\'e} hermeneutiky a křesťansk{\'e} soci{\'a}ln{\'i} etiky: metodologick{\'e} pozn{\'a}mky k utv{\'a}řen{\'i} teologickoetick{\'e} reflexe},
  author={Petr {\vS}tica},
The aim of the article is to present the relationship between Christian social ethics and the Bible as well as the related methodological approaches and limits. A correct handling of the biblical texts in theological ethics implies a differentiated approach. This includes first the knowledge of the complexity that arises when applying biblical texts to the ethical reflection of contemporary problems, secondly the familiarity with biblical hermeneutics, and thirdly the interdisciplinary… CONTINUE READING