Vygotsky and the Vygotskians

  title={Vygotsky and the Vygotskians},
  author={Joan Simon},
  journal={American Journal of Education},
  pages={609 - 613}
  • Joan Simon
  • Published 1 August 1987
  • Psychology
  • American Journal of Education
tion of Mind by James Wertsch, himself primarily interested in linguistics and semiotics, who edited the report of the 1980 conference run by the Center for Psychosocial Studies at Chicago, Culture, Communication, and Cognition: Vygotskian Perspectives (1985). The aim is to "harness" the integrated and social approach elaborated by Lev Vygotsky in postrevolutionary Russia to humanities and social sciences suffering from narrowness and inability to communicate in modern America. Accordingly… 
Revisionist Revolution in Vygotskian Science: Toward Cultural-Historical Gestalt Psychology
Lev Vygotsky is presumably the best-known and the most-cited Russian psychologist today. At least this seems to be true of contemporary Russia and North America (Aleksandrova-Howell, Abramson, and
World View Theory and Science Education Research
People are purposive, intentional beings. People are creatures of habit and yet full of surprises. People can be quite unpredictable. For these reasons and many others, it is difficult to come to
Argumentation and dialogic teaching : alternative pedagogies for a changing world
Studies of classroom communication indicate that certain patterns of interaction – exploratory talk, argumentation and dialogue – promote high-level thinking and intellectual development through
Dialogue, New Media and Children's Intellectual Development: Re-Thinking Malaysian Teaching and Learning Approaches
This thesis examines the extent to which ‘Talk or Dialogue’ contributes to children’s cognitive and psychological development when it is experienced through technological devices. The work analyzes
The teacher in Soviet society : structure, professionalization and cultural role
When examining how the Soviet Union has developed its educational system, it is necessary to take into account its system of teacher education, and how the Soviets have adapted it to the needs of the
Obituary: Joan Simon (1915–2005)
The death of Joan Simon in August 2005 marks the end of an era in history of education. Married for 61 years to Brian Simon, she had not only been jointly a part of the foundation of both the History
A study of college students, construct of parameter passing: implications for instruction
The study revealed that the natural-language meaning of some computer terminology caused problems and that most students' understanding of the parameter construct was fragile at the conclusion of their introductory course, and found that students' procedural knowledge generally surpassed their conceptual knowledge.
Academic Achievement and Career Progression
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Questioning Vygotsky's Legacy