Vygotsky, Spinoza, and Cultural Psychology of Education

  title={Vygotsky, Spinoza, and Cultural Psychology of Education},
  author={Wolff‐Michael Roth and Alfredo Jornet},
This introductory chapter examines Vygotsky’s uptake in past and current educational psychology, where problematic translations from the original works and a frequent disregard of Vygotsky’s Marxist epistemological premises have characterized the Russian scholar’s tremendous impact in the field. Instead of a finalized theory ready to be applied, Vygotsky’s work was in vibrant and constant development, a development that his untimely death broke at a point when the psychologist, building on… 


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English translation © 2010 M.E. Sharpe, Inc., from the Russian text © 2008 “Voprosy psikhologii.” “Zapisnye knizhki, zametki, nauchnye dnevniki L.S. Vygotskogo (1912–1934): rezul’taty issledovaniia
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English translation © 2006 M.E. Sharpe, Inc., from the Russian text, “Problemy metoda kul’turno-istoricheskoi psikohlogii.” Translated by Stephen D. Shenfield. As explained in this issue’s
Cultural psychology: a once and future discipline?
  • M. Cole
  • Psychology
    Nebraska Symposium on Motivation. Nebraska Symposium on Motivation
  • 1989
This book discusses cross-Cultural Psychology, Cognitive Development, Culture, and Schooling, and a Multilevel Methodology for Cultural Psychology.