Vulvar and vaginal cancers as seen at the University College Hospital Ibadan, Nigeria.


In a study of female lower genital tract cancers over a 20-year period (1976-1995), 30 cases of histologically confirmed vulval cancer and 46 of vaginal cancer were seen, constituting 1.3% and 2%, respectively of total female genital cancers. Over 50% of the cases occurred between the 4th and 6th decades. Vulval cancers are further identified into the 7th decade. The majority of cases were of squamous cell carcinoma and the role of HPV is uncertain. For various reasons most patients received unsatisfactory surgical treatment. The populace should be educated regarding early hospital attendance in cases of genital tract lesions, as this will improve the treatment outcome. Whereas healthcare workers should strive to offer the best treatment options available including prompt referral to specialist centres, governments should supplement the cost of care for patients with malignant diseases since the treatment cost can be prohibitive for the individual patients whereas the overall prognosis in early disease is fair.

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