Vulnerability after Wounding: Feminism, Rape Law, and the Differend

  title={Vulnerability after Wounding: Feminism, Rape Law, and the Differend},
  author={R. Stringer},
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The politics of vulnerability: affect, relationality, and resistance in UK austerity
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How States Have Implemented the Non-liability Provision
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What Thwarts the Use of the Non-liability Provision?
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From the Subjected Subject to the Vulnerable Subject: An Unfinished Discussion in Contemporary Spanish Feminisms
  • M. Martínez
  • Sociology
  • Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
  • 2018
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Speaking Out Beyond Feminism: Public Survivors and Rape Narratives
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III. Politics and the fine art of preventing rape
As rape and other forms of violence soared, often in the most brutal manner, an emotive politics of law and order was generated in post-apartheid South Africa. This prompted a law reform processExpand
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