Vulnerabilities and Adaptation Options of European Agriculture

  title={Vulnerabilities and Adaptation Options of European Agriculture},
  author={Josef Eitzinger and Sabina Bunt Thaler and Gerhard Kubu and Vesselin Alexandrov and Angel Utset and Dragutin T. Mihailovic and Branislava Lali{\'c} and Miroslav Trnka and Zdeněk Žalud and Daniela Semer{\'a}dov{\'a} and Domenico Ventrella and Dimos P. Anastasiou and Mahmoud Medany and Samar Altaher and Janusz Olejnik and Jacek Leśny and Natalia Nemeshko and Michael Nikolaev and Cătălin Cristian Simota and George Cojocaru},

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