Vt hkskdkxt: Early Medieval Cryptography, Textual Errors, and Scribal Agency

  title={Vt hkskdkxt: Early Medieval Cryptography, Textual Errors, and Scribal Agency},
  author={Benjamin A. Saltzman},
  pages={975 - 1009}
Countless cryptographic specimens survive in a great variety of medieval manuscripts, found at the center of pages and in their margins, as colophons, acrostics, and solutions to riddles, as glosses and scribal notes, and occasionally as examples in descriptive tracts on the practice and purpose of cryptography itself; they are found as often inmanuscripts from the ninth century as they are inmanuscripts from the fourteenth; as often from England as from the Continent; as often in Latin as in… 
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Glorie prints "ut HKSKDKXT (Cryptographice 5 giricius)
    For an explanation of the encrypted text, see Andy Orchard
    • Catalogue of Manuscripts Containing Anglo-Saxon
    • 1957
    Lerer omit the text following the cryptogram. Text may be missing between quo and plus due to a hole in the parchment on the margin
      Glorie and Ehwald both omit this cryptogram; Lerer notes this cryptogram as a scribal error