Voyeurism: A review of literature

  title={Voyeurism: A review of literature},
  author={R. Sidney Smith},
  journal={Archives of Sexual Behavior},
  • R. Smith
  • Published 1 November 1976
  • Psychology
  • Archives of Sexual Behavior
The most striking thing about the literature on voyeurism is the relative lack of material in print. In the present work, the author was able to find only 15 articles and no books that deal specifically with voyeurism. Of the 57 references compiled for this review, not one involves an experimental manipulation of variables. An attempt is made to review as many aspects of voyeurism as possible, giving illustrative case material whenever available. The areas of troilism and coprophilia are… 
Voyeurism: It Is Good as Long as We Do Not Get Caught
To determine whether “normal” people would engage in voyeurism, a sample of university students was asked to report whether they would watch an attractive person undressing or two attractive people
A Hidden Aspect of Physical Child Abuse: A Case of Voyeurism
ABSTRACT Child abuse is an area in forensic medicine where detailed information is required for proper management. The authors present a case of physical child abuse, inflicted by the guardian to
Experimental studies of the etiology of genital exhibitionism
The results suggest that most major theories of genital exhibitionism are wanting and it is suggested that narcissism and pedophilia be examined further in connection with exhibitionism.
The treatment of sexual paraphilias: A review of the outcome research
Abstract Studies which investigate the impact of treatment on subjects with singular and multiple sexual paraphilias (exhibitionism, fetishism, pedophilia, transvestism, voyeurism) are reviewed. A
Voyeurism with Sexual Fantasy On Female Body Parts: A Subtype of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder?
The compulsive behaviour of observing an unsuspecting person undressing or being naked in voyeurism may be related to Obsessive-Compulsive spectrum disorder. The aim of this paper is to report a case
The structuring of Vicarious Sex
This paper proposes a change in the typing of a form of sexual deviance: voyeurism (watching persons who are undressing, undressed, or in the act of sexual intercourse). The analysis focuses on a
Disorders of Sexual Preference, or Paraphilias: A Review of the Literature
  • J. Gayford
  • Psychology
    Medicine, science, and the law
  • 1997
By their very nature, disorders of sexual preference (ICD-10) or paraphilias (DSM IV) are bizarre patterns of sexual behaviour that have diverse manifestations and are of complicated sexual
Nora's Filthy Words: Scatology in the Letters of James Joyce
The purpose of this analysis is to examine the ways in which the paraphilic sexual fantasies of James Joyce were expressed in his relationship with his common-law wife, Nora Barnacle. Although any
Varieties of Intrusion: Exhibitionism and Voyeurism
The present article develops sex-specific profiles for pure exhibitionists, pure voyeurs/covert intruders, and those engaging in both behaviors, using a clinical sample. Specific sexual behavior
The Psychology of Gay Men’s Cuckolding Fantasies
It is suggested that gay men who act on their cuckolding fantasies tend to report positive experiences; however, the likelihood of reporting positive outcomes appears to depend upon one’s personality and attachment style.


Aggression and forbiddenness in voyeurism.
  • I. Yalom
  • Psychology
    Archives of general psychiatry
  • 1960
Voyeurism, despite the frequency of its occurrence and the ease with which it lends itself to behavioristic description, nevertheless remains a vague, poorly defined concept.
Therapy with Adolescent Sex Offenders
IN the court clinics ’ attached to district courts, the milder types of sex offenses, such as voyeurism, exhibitionism and fetishism prevail, since the more serious ones involving violence and rape
The Psychoanalytic Theory of Neurosis
The Psychoanalytic Theory of Neurosis, Fenichel's classic text, summarized the first half century of psychoanalytic investigation into psychopathology and presented a general psychoanalytic theory of
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ions as internal properties of clients rather than as hypothetical constructs of therapists has resulted in considerable confusion about the types of changes effected by different approaches to the
Logical models of sexual deviations
Psychotherapy by reciprocal inhibition
  • J. Wolpe
  • Psychology
    Conditional reflex
  • 1968
A variety of the techniques based on reciprocal inhibition, such as systematic desensitization, avoidance conditioning, and the use of assertion, are described in detail.
My Secret Garden : Women's Sexual Fantasies
When it first appeared, Nancy Friday's taboo-shattering bestseller "My Secret Garden" created a mixed storm of outrage and exhilaration. Those women who feared their erotic fantasies called it
Characteristics of Convicted Sex Offenders
(1954). Characteristics of Convicted Sex Offenders. The Journal of Social Psychology: Vol. 40, No. 1, pp. 3-15.