Voyager 2 at Neptune: Imaging Science Results

  title={Voyager 2 at Neptune: Imaging Science Results},
  author={B. Smith and L. Soderblom and D. Banfield and C. Barnet and A. Basilevsky and R. Beebe and K. Bollinger and J. Boyce and A. Brahic and G. Briggs and R. H. Brown and C. Chyba and S. A. Collins and T. Colvin and A. Cook and D. Crisp and S. Croft and D. Cruikshank and J. Cuzzi and G. Danielson and M. Davies and E. de Jong and L. Dones and D. Godfrey and J. Goguen and I. Grenier and V. Haemmerle and H. Hammel and C. J. Hansen and C. P. Helfenstein and C Howell and G. Hunt and A. Ingersoll and T. Johnson and J. Kargel and Roey Kirk and D. I. K{\"u}hn and S. Limaye and H. Masursky and A. Mcewen and D. Morrison and T. Owen and W. Owen and J. Pollack and C. Porco and K. Rages and P. Rogers and D. Rudy and C. Sagan and J. Schwartz and E. Shoemaker and M. Showalter and B. Sicardy and D. Simonelli and J. Spencer and L. Sromovsky and C. Stoker and R. Strom and V. Suomi and S. Synott and R. Terrile and P. Thomas and W. R. Thompson and A. Verbiscer and J. Veverka},
  pages={1422 - 1449}
  • B. Smith, L. Soderblom, +62 authors J. Veverka
  • Published 1989
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Science
  • Voyager 2 images of Neptune reveal a windy planet characterized by bright clouds of methane ice suspended in an exceptionally clear atmosphere above a lower deck of hydrogen sulfide or ammonia ices. Neptune's atmosphere is dominated by a large anticyclonic storm system that has been named the Great Dark Spot (GDS). About the same size as Earth in extent, the GDS bears both many similarities and some differences to the Great Red Spot of Jupiter. Neptune's zonal wind profile is remarkably similar… CONTINUE READING
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