Voyager 2: Augmenting Visual Analysis with Partial View Specifications

  title={Voyager 2: Augmenting Visual Analysis with Partial View Specifications},
  author={Kanit Wongsuphasawat and Zening Qu and Dominik Moritz and Riley Chang and Felix Ouk and Anushka Anand and Jock D. Mackinlay and Bill Howe and Jeffrey Heer},
Visual data analysis involves both open-ended and focused exploration. Manual chart specification tools support question answering, but are often tedious for early-stage exploration where systematic data coverage is needed. Visualization recommenders can encourage broad coverage, but irrelevant suggestions may distract users once they commit to specific questions. We present Voyager 2, a mixed-initiative system that blends manual and automated chart specification to help analysts engage in both… CONTINUE READING
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