Vox Populi

  title={Vox Populi},
  author={Francis Sir Galton},
IN these democratic days, any investigation into the the trustworthiness and peculiarities of popular judgments is of interest. The material about to be discussed refers to a small matter, but is much to the point. 
Introduction: why populism won
  • P. Bellucci
  • Political Science
    Contemporary Italian Politics
  • 2018
ABSTRACT This article introduces the Special Issue on the 2018 Italian general election. It presents the main features of the election and reviews contemporary models of voting choice in established
Afterword: Newsprint Worlds and Reading Publics in Colonial Contexts
Abstract This article discusses the ways in which newsprint allowed local contributors and readers in colonial settings to think across gender, race, and other core colonial subject-positions. It
Denying Human Homogeneity: Eugenics & The Making of Post-Classical Economics
The question we propose to address is how did economics move from the classical period characterized by the hardest possible doctrine of initial human homogeneityall the observed differences among
Valuing (and Teaching) the Past
There is a difference between the private and social cost of preserving the past. Although it may be privately rational to forget the past, the social cost is significant: We fail to see that
National Monumentalization and the Politics of Scale: The Resurrections of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow
This paper analyzes the link between the changing geographical scale of dominant ideologies in Russian society and the architectural scales of different versions of the preeminent national monument,
An epistemic case for democracy; analysing the performance of voting groups
This thesis argues that, given certain assumptions, democracies are epistemically superior to other forms of government. Using quantitative results calculated with Condorcet’s Jury Theorem, it will
Realizing Epistemic Democracy
  • M. Pivato
  • Sociology
    The Future of Economic Design
  • 2019
Many collective decisions depend upon questions about objective facts or probabilities. Several theories in social choice and political philosophy suggest that democratic institutions can obtain
The new map of political consensus. What is new in the wave of support for the populists?
ABSTRACT The remarkable result of the 2018 Italian general election reflected the changing priorities of the Italian electorate. We examine similarities and differences in public opinion across
Opposing the Spanish Match: Thomas Scott's Vox Populi (1620)
The beginning of negotiations in 1614 for a dynastic marriage between Prince Charles and the Infanta Maria of Spain caused great concern among English people who still held strong anti-Catholic and
Writing the Literary Zodiac: Division, Unity, and Power in John Gower's Poetics
"This dissertation explores attitudes toward literary form in fourteenth-century London's trilingual culture and what it means to package science, politics, and social upheaval as literature. John