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Voting Radical Right in Europe: a Comprehensive Explanation for Vote Choice

  title={Voting Radical Right in Europe: a Comprehensive Explanation for Vote Choice},
  author={Michael A. Hansen},
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Women and the Radical Right: Exploring Gendered Differences in Vote Choice for Radical Right Parties in Europe
This article explores the role that gender differences played in vote choice for radical right parties in European countries from 2002-2014. In particular, the research agenda explores whether men


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1. Introduction 2. The radical right 3. Who votes for the radical right? 4. Immigration, unemployment, and the vote for the radical right 5. Coalitions and strategic voting: a model 6. Coalitions and
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ment of an empirical tradition that allows scholars to evaluate the relative importance of competing theories. We resolve this problem by applying an empirical framework that is appropriate for
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Analyzing the 1994 elections for the European Parliament for seven political systems it is shown that anti-immigrant parties attract no more protest votes than other parties do, with only one exception: the Dutch Centrumdemocraten.
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Social change and multicultural society in Western Europe against diversity - new right ideology in the new Europe individualism and xenophobia - radical right-wing populism in a comparative
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As Europe enters a significant phase of re-integration of East and West, it faces an increasing problem with the rise of far-right political parties. Cas Mudde offers the first comprehensive and
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