Vortices in the Landau--Ginzburg Model of the Quantized Hall Effect

  title={Vortices in the Landau--Ginzburg Model of the Quantized Hall Effect},
  author={Mokhtar Hassaine and P. A. Horv'athy and J.-C. Y{\'e}ra},
  journal={Journal of Physics A},
The `Landau-Ginzburg' theory of Girvin and MacDonald, modified by adding the natural magnetic term, is shown to admit stable topological as well as non-topological vortex solutions. The system is the common λ→0 limit of two slightly different non-relativistic Maxwell-Chern-Simons models of the type recently introduced by Manton. The equivalence with the model of Zhang, Hansson and Kivelson is demonstrated. 
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