Vortex wake and flight kinematics of a swift in cruising flight in a wind tunnel.

  title={Vortex wake and flight kinematics of a swift in cruising flight in a wind tunnel.},
  author={Per Henningsson and G R Spedding and Anders Hedenstr{\"o}m},
  journal={The Journal of experimental biology},
  volume={211 Pt 5},
In this paper we describe the flight characteristics of a swift (Apus apus) in cruising flight at three different flight speeds (8.0, 8.4 and 9.2 m s(-1)) in a low turbulence wind tunnel. The wingbeat kinematics were recorded by high-speed filming and the wake of the bird was visualized by digital particle image velocimetry (DPIV). Certain flight characteristics of the swift differ from those of previously studied species. As the flight speed increases, the angular velocity of the wingbeat… CONTINUE READING

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