Vortex rings and vortex ring solitons in shaken Bose-Einstein condensate

  title={Vortex rings and vortex ring solitons in shaken Bose-Einstein condensate},
  author={Vyacheslav I. Yukalov and Alexey N. Novikov and E. P. Yukalova and V. S. Bagnato},
  journal={Journal of Physics: Conference Series},
In a shaken Bose-Einstein condensate, confined in a vibrating trap, there can appear different nonlinear coherent modes. Here we concentrate on two types of such coherent modes, vortex ring solitons and vortex rings. In a cylindrical trap, vortex ring solitons can be characterized as nonlinear Hermite-Laguerre modes, whose description can be done by means of optimized perturbation theory. The energy, required for creating vortex ring solitons, is larger than that needed for forming vortex rings… 

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Joint Quantum Centre (JQC) Durham-Newcastle, School of Mathematics and Statistics,Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 7RU, England, UK.(Dated: January 29, 2014)The generation of isotropic