Vortex kinks in superconducting films with periodically modulated thickness

  title={Vortex kinks in superconducting films with periodically modulated thickness},
  author={Jorge I. Facio and Anabella A. Abate and J. Guimpel and Pablo S. Cornaglia},
  journal={Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter},
We report magnetoresistance measurements in Nb films having a periodic thickness modulation. The cylinder shaped thicker regions of the sample, which form a square lattice, act as repulsive centers for the superconducting vortices. For low driving currents along one of the axes of the square lattice, the resistivity ρ increases monotonously with increasing magnetic field B and the ρ–B characteristics are approximately piecewise linear. The linear ρ versus B segments change their slope at… 
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