Vortex-core structure in neutral fermion superfluids with population imbalance.

  title={Vortex-core structure in neutral fermion superfluids with population imbalance.},
  author={Mai Takahashi and Takeshi Mizushima and Masanori Ichioka and Kazushige Machida},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={97 18},
Quantized vortex-core structure is theoretically investigated in fermion superfluids with population imbalance for two atom species of neutral atom clouds near a Feshbach resonance. In contrast with the vortex core in balance case where the quantum depletion makes a vortex visible through the density profile measurement, the vortex core is filled in and becomes less visible because the quantized discrete bound states are occupied exclusively by the majority species. Yet it is shown that the… CONTINUE READING

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