Vortex-Loop Unbinding and Flux-Line Lattice Melting in Superconductors.

  title={Vortex-Loop Unbinding and Flux-Line Lattice Melting in Superconductors.},
  author={Nguyen and Sudbo and Hetzel},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={77 8},
We study the interplay between a novel vortex-loop unbinding in finite magnetic field at {ital T}={ital T}{sub {ital V}} and flux-line-lattice (FLL) melting at {ital T}={ital T}{sub {ital M}} in type-II superconductors. The FLL melts due to nucleation of vortex loops parallel to the {ital {cflx c}} axis, connected to flux lines. For moderate anisotropy, phase coherence parallel to {ital {cflx c}} is lost at {ital T}{sub {ital V}}{approx_gt}{ital T}{sub {ital M}} due to an {ital ab}-plane vortex… 
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