Vortex Dynamics

  title={Vortex Dynamics},
  author={Sidney Leibovich}

Calculating the impulse and angular impulse of image vorticity by integrals over free vorticity

  • J. Wells
  • Physics
    Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences
  • 1998
The impulse and angular impulse contained in the disturbance flow induced by a body in incompressible rotational flow, possibly in the presence of additional bodies or surfaces, are evaluated via

Generation and decay of counter-rotating vortices downstream of yawed wind turbines in the atmospheric boundary layer

Abstract A quantitative understanding of the dominant mechanisms that govern the generation and decay of the counter-rotating vortex pair (CVP) produced by yawed wind turbines is needed to fully

Experimental study of the stability and dynamics of a two-dimensional ideal vortex under external strain

The dynamics of two-dimensional (2-D) ideal fluid vortices is studied experimentally in the presence of an irrotational strain flow. Laboratory experiments are conducted using strongly magnetized

The effect of core size on the speed of compressible hollow vortex streets

The effect of weak compressibility on the speed of steadily translating staggered vortex streets of hollow vortices in isentropic subsonic flow is studied. A small-Mach-number perturbation expansion

Surface based fluid animation using integral equations : simulation and compression

This dissertation looks at exploiting the mathematics of vorticity dynamics and potential flow using integral equations to reformulate critical parts of fully dynamic fluid animation methods into

The Sadovskii vortex in strain

The point vortex is the simplest model of a two-dimensional vortex with non-zero circulation. The limitations introduced by its lack of core structure have been remedied by using desingularizations

Etude des instabilites des tourbillons de sillage d'avion en effet de sol =

Avec l’augmentation de l’utilisation du transport aerien par les voyageurs, un trafic de plus en plus dense pres des aeroports se forme. Le sillage de chaque avion represente une menace potentielle

A computational model of the flight dynamics and aerodynamics of a jellyfish-like flying machine

We explore theoretically the aerodynamics of a recently fabricated jellyfish-like flying machine (Ristroph & Childress, J. R. Soc. Interface, vol. 11 (92), 2014, 20130992). This experimental device

Unsteady aerodynamics and vortex-sheet formation of a two-dimensional airfoil

Unsteady inviscid flow models of wings and airfoils have been developed to study the aerodynamics of natural and man-made flyers. Vortex methods have been extensively applied to reduce the



Vortex formation out of two-dimensional orifices

The understanding of the vortex formation process is currently driving a novel attempt to evaluate the performance of fluid dynamics in biological systems. The concept of formation time, developed

Three-dimensional impulsive vortex formation from slender orifices

The vortex formation behind an orifice is a widely investigated phenomenon, which has been recently studied in several problems of biological relevance. In the case of a circular opening, several

The large-scale structure of unsteady self-similar rolled-up vortex sheets

  • D. Pullin
  • Physics
    Journal of Fluid Mechanics
  • 1978
Two problems involving the unsteady motion of two-dimensional vortex sheets are considered. The first is the roll-up of an initially plane semi-infinite vortex sheet while the second is the power-law

Stretched vortices – the sinews of turbulence; large-Reynolds-number asymptotics

A large-Reynolds-number asymptotic theory is presented for the problem of a vortex tube of finite circulation [Gcy ] subjected to uniform non-axisymmetric irrotational strain, and aligned along an

Unsteady tube flow over an expansion

Unsteady flow in a circular conduit with a smooth expansion is studied in detail by numerical integration of the equation of motion in the axisymmetric approximation. The values of governing

On the identification of a vortex

Considerable confusion surrounds the longstanding question of what constitutes a vortex, especially in a turbulent flow. This question, frequently misunderstood as academic, has recently acquired

The start-up vortex issuing from a semi-infinite flat plate

The subject of the present work is the start-up vortex issuing from a sharp trailing edge accelerated from rest in still air. A numerical simulation of the flow has been performed in the case of a

Vortex Rings

  • R. Wood
  • Physics, Education
  • 1901
In the course of some experiments preparatory to a lecture on vortex rings, certain modifications are introduced which may be of interest to teachers and students of science.

A universal time scale for vortex ring formation

The formation of vortex rings generated through impulsively started jets is studied experimentally. Utilizing a piston/cylinder arrangement in a water tank, the velocity and vorticity fields of

Optimal Vortex Formation as a Unifying Principle in Biological Propulsion

I review the concept of optimal vortex formation and examine its relevance to propulsion in biological and bio-inspired systems, ranging from the human heart to underwater vehicles. By using examples