Vorschriften zur Herstellung von scharfen Wässern bei Ǧābir und Rāzī.

  title={Vorschriften zur Herstellung von scharfen W{\"a}ssern bei Ǧābir und Rāzī.},
  author={Julius Ruska and Karl Garbers},
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The Abbasid Activist Ḥayyān al-ʿAṭṭār as the Father of Jābir b. Ḥayyān: An Influential Hypothesis Revisited
In 1927 Holmyard formulated the hypothesis that the Abbasid activist Ḥayyān al-ʿAṭṭār (“Ḥayyān the Perfumer”, fl. 98/717) was the father of the second/eighth century alchemist Jābir b. Ḥayyān. It
From Hesiod to Saussure, from Hippocrates to Jevons: An Introduction to the History of Scientific Thought between Iran and the Atlantic
claims with real quantified laws). In order to solve this problem, one has to introduce a notion of the “price of production”, for which it holds true that producers will continue to supply the
Alchemical Atoms or Artisanal Building Blocks? A Response to Klein
  • W. Newman
  • Philosophy
    Perspectives on Science
  • 2009
In a recent essay review of William R. Newman, Atoms and Alchemy (2006), Ursula Klein defends her position that philosophically informed corpuscularian theories of matter contributed little to the