Vorarbeiten zu einer Flechtenflora Dalmatiens

  title={Vorarbeiten zu einer Flechtenflora Dalmatiens},
  author={Dr. A. Zahlbruckner},
  journal={{\"O}sterreichische botanische Zeitschrift},
thyllis Jacquini (2b). -Im Walde, nord6stlieh yon Hermsburg: l~hamnus fallax (2b) und Sorbus aucuparia (l b) hi~ufig, ferner Majanthemum bifolium (lb), Veronica latifolia (l b); an Waldriindern ebenda: Silene ~ivida (2a), zum Tel! mit anthokyanfreien, daher grtinen Bliiten, t~rigeron polymorphus 1) (1 c). -Auf Wiesen nordOstlich yon Hermsburg: Lilium bulbiferum (2b), Aquilegia vulgaris (la) , Anthyllis affinis (lb), :Polygala croatiea (2 b, c) (blau). (Fo~t~U~,g ~olV.) 

Distributional and other data for some Agonimia species Verrucariales, lichenized Ascomycota.

A treatment of five Agonimia species occurring in Austria is presented. Distributional data for many further countries are included. Agonimia tristicula is newly recorded for Liechtenstein and

Lichen mycota from the island of Krk (northern Adriatic Sea, Croatia).

Ozimec, S., Florijan~i}, T., Opa~ak, A., Pu{kadija, Z. & Topi}, J.: Lichen mycota from the island of Krk (northern Adriatic Sea, Croatia). Nat. Croat., Vol. 18, No. 2, 367–385, 2009, Zagreb. A list

Records of lichen species new for Ukraine from steppe habitats of the country

The lichens Arthonia cretacea, Bacidia viridescens, Candelariella blastidiata, C. xanthostigmoides, Enchylium bachmanianum, Haematomma nemetzii, Lecania triseptata, Lecidea sarcogynoides, Ramalina

Epiphloea belongs to Collemataceae (Lecanoromycetes, lichenized Ascomycota)

The ascus type in both species is shown to be Lecanoralean and similar to the ascus in other Collemataceae, with a strongly amyloid tube-like structure, which supports the placement within L Cecanoromycetes and refutes the earlier suggested affinities with Heppiaceae and LichinomycETes.

The Bacidia coprodes group (Ramalinaceae, Lecanoromycetes, Ascomycota), with special reference to the species in Europe and North America

The lichen Bacidia coprodes as treated in recent works was found to consist of three distinct species in Europe and North America, the correct names of which are B. inornata (Nyl.) Blomb, B. notarisiana, and B. granosa.

Notes on species of the genus Cladonia from Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia

Six lichen species new to Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia have been revealed: Cladonia cervicornis, C. conista, C., phyllophora, C, pulvinella, c.

A new taxonomy of the family Teloschistaceae

A first phylogenetic evaluation of a large part of the lichen family Teloschistaceae, including a total of 337 species, shows the large plasticity in both morphological and anatomical characters between closely related species within genera, indicating the low value of these as evolutionary markers.

Phylogenetic relationships within Pyrenodesmia sensu lato and the role of pigments in its taxonomic interpretation

Within Pyrenodesmia sensu lato, three lineages were revealed and recognized on a generic level and the identity of Kuettlingeria (Caloplaca) diphyodes was clarified and the name Pyrenodemia helygeoides was resurrected.

Catalogue of the Lichenized and Lichenicolous Fungi of Montenegro.

The catalogue is based on a comprehensive evaluation of 169 published sources and includes 681 species (with eight subspecies, nine varieties and one form) of lichenized fungi, 12 species ofLichenicolous fungi, and nine non-lichenization fungi traditionally included in lichenological literature.