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Von Neumann equivalence and properly proximal groups

  title={Von Neumann equivalence and properly proximal groups},
  author={Ishan Ishan and Jesse Peterson and Lauren C. Ruth},
  journal={arXiv: Operator Algebras},
We introduce a new equivalence relation on groups, which we call von Neumann equivalence, that is coarser than both measure equivalence and $W^*$-equivalence. We introduce a general procedure for inducing actions in this setting and use this to show that many analytic properties, such as amenability, property (T), and the Haagerup property, are preserved under von Neumann equivalence. We also show that proper proximality, which was defined recently by Boutonnet, Ioana, and the second author… 

Von Neumann equivalence and group approximation properties

The notion of von Neumann equivalence (vNE), which encapsulates both measure equivalence and W ∗-equivalence, was introduced recently in [IPR19], where it was shown that many analytic properties,

Properly Proximal von Neumann Algebras

. We introduce the notion of proper proximality for finite von Neumann algebras, which naturally extends the notion of proper proximality for groups. Apart from the group von Neumann algebras of

von Neumann equivalence and group exactness

An upgrading theorem for properly proximal von Neumann algebras

Using computations in the bidual of $\mathbb{B}(L^2M)$ we develop a technique at the von Neumann algebra level to upgrade relative proper proximality to full proper proximality in the presence of

Proper proximality for various families of groups

In this paper, the notion of proper proximality (introduced in [BIP18]) is studied and classified in various families of groups. We show that if a group acts non-elementarily by isometries on a tree

Von Neumann equivalence and $M_d$ type approximation properties

. We show that M d -approximation-property, M d -weak-amenability, and M d -weak-Haagerup-property are invariant for von Neumann equivalence (hence also for Measure Equivalence and W*-equivalence).

Property (T) for uniformly bounded representations and weak*-continuity of invariant means

. For every c ≥ 1, we define a strengthening of Kazhdan’s Property (T) by con-sidering uniformly bounded representations π with fixed bound | π | ≤ c . We characterise this property by the existence of

First $\ell^2$-Betti numbers and proper proximality

. We show that for a countable exact group, having positive first ℓ 2 -Betti number implies proper proximality in this sense of [BIP21]. This is achieved by showing a cocycle super-rigidty result for

Weak amenability of free products of hyperbolic and amenable groups

  • I. Vergara
  • Mathematics
    Glasgow Mathematical Journal
  • 2022
Abstract We show that if G is an amenable group and H is a hyperbolic group, then the free product $G\ast H$ is weakly amenable. A key ingredient in the proof is the fact that $G\ast H$ is orbit

Proper proximality in non-positive curvature

Proper proximality of a countable group is a notion that was introduced by Boutonnet, Ioana and Peterson as a tool to study rigidity properties of certain von Neumann algebras associated to groups or



Properly proximal groups and their von Neumann algebras

We introduce a wide class of countable groups, called properly proximal, which contains all non-amenable bi-exact groups, all non-elementary convergence groups, and all lattices in non-compact

Orbit equivalence rigidity

Consider a countable group acting ergodically by measure p reserving transformations on a probability space (X,µ), and let R be the corresponding orbit equivalence relation on X. The following


  • A. Ioana
  • Mathematics
    Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM 2018)
  • 2019
We survey some of the progress made recently in the classification of von Neumann algebras arising from countable groups and their measure preserving actions on probability spaces. We emphasize

Deformation and rigidity for group actions and von Neumann algebras

We present some recent rigidity results for von Neumann algebras (II1 factors) and equivalence relations arising from measure preserving actions of groups on probability spaces which satisfy a

Strong rigidity of II1 factors arising from malleable actions of w-rigid groups, I

We consider crossed product II1 factors $M = N\rtimes_{\sigma}G$, with G discrete ICC groups that contain infinite normal subgroups with the relative property (T) and σ trace preserving actions of G

Measure equivalence rigidity of the mapping class group

We show that the mapping class group of a compact orientable surface with higher complexity satisfies the following rigidity in the sense of measure equivalence: If the mapping class group is measure

On Orbit Equivalence of Measure Preserving Actions

We give a brief survey of some classification results on orbit equivalence of probability measure preserving actions of countable groups. The notion of l2 Betti numbers for groups is gently

L 2-homology for von Neumann algebras

The aim of this paper is to introduce a notion of L-homology in the context of von Neumann algebras. Finding a suitable (co)homology theory for von Neumann algebras has been a dream for several

Rigidity results for Bernoulli actions and their von Neumann algebras (after Sorin Popa)

We survey Sorin Popa's recent work on Bernoulli actions. The paper was written on the occasion of the Bourbaki seminar. Using very original methods from operator algebras, Sorin Popa has shown that


We prove that for any group G in a fairly large class of generalized wreath product groups, the associated von Neumann algebra LG completely \remembers" the group G. More precisely, if LG is