Voluntary intake and ingestive behavior of steers grazing Johnstone or endophyte-infected Kentucky-31 tall fescue.

  title={Voluntary intake and ingestive behavior of steers grazing Johnstone or endophyte-infected Kentucky-31 tall fescue.},
  author={M D Howard and Russell Brian Muntifering and Nicholas Bradley and Gary E. Mitchell and Stephen R. Lowry},
  journal={Journal of animal science},
  volume={70 4},
Effects of grazing low-endophyte (Acremonium coenophialum Morgan-Jones and Gams, less than 1% infection) Johnstone (J) or high-endophyte (60% infection) Kentucky-31 (K) tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea Schreb.) on grazing behavior and voluntary intake were studied. Six Angus steers (average initial BW = 326 kg) grazed 1.21-ha plots of each forage cultivar (three steers per cultivar) in four 28-d periods beginning May 27. Daytime observations (0630 until 2130) revealed that J steers spent more… CONTINUE READING
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