Voluntary enhancement of penile erection

  title={Voluntary enhancement of penile erection},
  author={H. B. Rubin and Donald E. Henson},
  journal={Bulletin of the psychonomic society},
  • H. RubinD. Henson
  • Published 1 August 1975
  • Psychology
  • Bulletin of the psychonomic society
Six human male subjects developed moderate to high sexual arousal, as measured by a penile transducer, to an erotic film and, in the absence of overt erotic stimulation, to erotic fantasy. When instructed to enhance their arousal to the film without employing any physical stimulation, four of the six subjects were able to significantly increase their erections above the levels that were produced by either the film or the fantasy alone. The remaining two subjects, however, responded in an… 

Relationship between male sexual arousal and vividness of imagery in different sensory modalities

Penile circumference and subjective sexual arousal were recorded while 66 men attempted to achieve erection by engaging in fantasy, as well as while the same men viewed an erotic film. Physiological

Does fantasy-induced sexual arousal habituate?

Effects of alcohol on male sexual responding

The actions of alcohol on sexual responses were not significantly correlated with its effects on a nonsexual matching task, were not related to subjective reports of how alcohol usually affects sexual behavior, and were generally not related with reported drinking history.

Biofeedback and facilitation of erection in men with erectile dysfunction

Results indicate that the provision of erotic film feedback enhances the voluntary facilitation of erection in the laboratory, but the therapeutic value of erectile feedback remains undemonstrated.

Sexual preference assessment of sexual aggressors: Predictors of penile response magnitude

Older and presentencing subjects showed a lower maximum penile response magnitude than younger and sentenced subjects, and these results are discussed as they relate to the validity of physiological assessment of sexual preference.

Sexual Grounding: The missing link of the sexual response cycle

Abstract Being in a sexually aroused state has distinct manifestations which makes the act full of pleasurable sensations. This is because the cognitive processes interpret the sensory (physical and

Faking Sexual Preference *

It was found that both groups significantly reduced penile tumescence when instructed to suppress to their stated sexual preference in the audiovisual series, and sex offenders as a group were found to be significantly more variable in their responses than controls.

Prevention of voluntary control of penile response in homosexual pedophiles during phallometric testing

The aim of our two experiments was to verify the efficacy of a semantic tracking task (Quinsey & Chaplin, 1988a) in reducing the magnitude of voluntary control homosexual pedophiles exert on their

Preventing Faking in Phallometric Assessments of Sexual Preference

Group data indicated that subjects could fake inappropriate preferences when instructed to do so without the semantic tracking task but could not when the task was required.

Psychophysiological Signs of Faking in the Phallometric Test

Breathing and finger pulse rates were investigated as potential indicators of faking in a phallometric test procedure. Forty-nine heterosexual male university students with no admitted or documented



Voluntary control of eroticism.

Although concentration on asexual stimuli may be the preferred method of reducing sexual arousal to erotic stimulation, penile erection can be inhibited by other methods.


Although concentration on asexual stimuli may be the preferred method of reducing sexual arousal to erotic stimulation, penile erection can be inhibited by other methods.

Instructional control of an autonomic sexual response.

Four of seven human male subjects developed full penile erections when exposed to erotically stimulating motion pictures and were able to develop an erection in the absence of a film, each reaching a peak of about 30% of his maximum.

Suppression of Penile Tumescence by Instrumental Conditioning

  • R. Rosen
  • Psychology, Medicine
    Psychosomatic medicine
  • 1973
&NA; Penile tumescence was elicited in normal male volunteers by erotic tape‐recorded passages. Experimental subjects were provided with immediate contingent feedback [red light] whenever their

Sexual Behavior in the Human Male

"Sexual Behavior in the Human Female" was originally published in 1953, five years after the male volume. The material presented in this book was derived from personal interviews with nearly 6,000


The innovative program described in this book revolutionizes the the treatment of sexual dysfunction. During eleven years of daily clinical work, more than five hundred couples have The prostate

Elimination of a sadistic fantasy by a client-controlled counterconditioning technique: a case study.

  • G. Davison
  • Psychology
    Journal of abnormal psychology
  • 1968
The mainstay of the therapy entailed client-controlled masturbation sessions, in which strong sexual feelings were paired with pictures and images of females in nonsadistic contexts, and presumed positive counterconditioning was supplemented in the consulting room by imaginal aversivecounterconditioning.

The physiology of human penile erection.

  • H. Weiss
  • Medicine
    Annals of internal medicine
  • 1972
Abstract Human penile erection depends on integration of afferent signals in the thoracolumbar or sacral erection centers, intact autonomic nerves to the penis, normal erectile tissues, and an adeq...