Volume variable swash plate-type compressor

  title={Volume variable swash plate-type compressor},
  author={秀晴 山下 and 山本 真也 and 雅樹 太田 and 隆容 鈴木 and 和也 本田 and 圭 西井 and 佑介 山▲崎▼},
The present invention provides a compressor capable of smoothly changing the discharge volume while being exceptionally east to mount in a vehicle. In this compressor, an actuator (13) includes a moving body (13a), a partitioning body (13b), and a control pressure chamber (13c). The moving body (13a) includes a peripheral wall (132), a moving bottom wall (131), and a sliding section (130). The peripheral wall extends in a drive shaft center O direction so as to surround the partitioning body… CONTINUE READING