Volume rendering in clinical practice. a pictorial review.

  title={Volume rendering in clinical practice. a pictorial review.},
  author={Rodrigo A. Salgado and Tom H. Mulkens and Patrick Bellinck and J. L. Termote},
  journal={JBR-BTR : organe de la Societe royale belge de radiologie (SRBR) = orgaan van de Koninklijke Belgische Vereniging voor Radiologie},
  volume={86 4},
Several post-processing techniques are currently available to the radiologist to optimize the review of the scan data acquired by multidetector CT. This is sometimes necessary as, when reviewing a volumetric data acquisition only as transaxial CT images, all the gathered information is not always displayed. Among all the current available post-processing possibilities, volume rendering is one of the most powerful techniques due to its various parameters and powerful segmentation capabilities… CONTINUE READING

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