Volume flow in arteriovenous fistulas using vector velocity ultrasound.

  title={Volume flow in arteriovenous fistulas using vector velocity ultrasound.},
  author={Peter M\oller Hansen and Jacob Bjerring Olesen and Michael Johannes Pihl and Theis Lange and S\oren T Heerwagen and Mads M\oller Pedersen and Marianne Rix and Lars Birger L{\"o}nn and J\orgen Arendt Jensen and Michael Nielsen},
  journal={Ultrasound in medicine & biology},
  volume={40 11},
Volume flow in arteriovenous fistulas for hemodialysis was measured using the angle-independent ultrasound technique Vector Flow Imaging and compared with flow measurements using the ultrasound dilution technique during dialysis. Using an UltraView 800 ultrasound scanner (BK Medical, Herlev, Denmark) with a linear transducer, 20 arteriovenous fistulas were scanned directly on the most superficial part of the fistula just before dialysis. Vector Flow Imaging volume flow was estimated with two… CONTINUE READING

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