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Volume and Area Renormalizations for Conformally Compact Einstein Metrics

  title={Volume and Area Renormalizations for Conformally Compact Einstein Metrics},
  author={C. Robin Graham},
Let $X$ be the interior of a compact manifold $\overline X$ of dimension $n+1$ with boundary $M=\partial X$, and $g_+$ be a conformally compact metric on $X$, namely $\overline g\equiv r^2g_+$ extends continuously (or with some degree of smoothness) as a metric to $X$, where $r$ denotes a defining function for $M$, i.e. $r>0$ on $X$ and $r=0$, $dr\ne 0$ on $M$. The restrction of $\overline g$ to $TM$ rescales upon changing $r$, so defines invariantly a conformal class of metrics on $M$, which… Expand
Approximately Einstein ACH metrics, volume renormalization, and an invariant for contact manifolds
To any smooth compact manifold $M$ endowed with a contact structure $H$ and partially integrable almost CR structure $J$, we prove the existence and uniqueness, modulo high-order error terms andExpand
On Uniqueness And Existence of Conformally Compact Einstein Metrics with Homogeneous Conformal Infinity
In this paper we show that for a generalized Berger metric $\hat{g}$ on $S^3$ close to the round metric, the conformally compact Einstein (CCE) manifold $(M, g)$ with $(S^3, [\hat{g}])$ as itsExpand
On uniqueness of conformally compact Einstein metrics with homogeneous conformal infinity
  • Gang Li
  • Mathematics
  • Advances in Mathematics
  • 2018
In this paper we show that for a Berger metric $\hat{g}$ on $S^3$, the non-positively curved conformally compact Einstein metric on the $4$-ball $B_1(0)$ with $(S^3, [\hat{g}])$ as its conformalExpand
We study the renormalized volume of asymptotically hyperbolic Einstein (AHE in short) manifolds $(M,g)$ when the conformal boundary $\unicode[STIX]{x2202}M$ has dimension $n$ even. Its definitionExpand
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We study inverse scattering for $\Delta_g+V$ on $(X,g)$ a conformally compact manifold with metric $g,$ with variable sectional curvature $-\alf^2(y)$ at the boundary and $V\in C^\infty(X)$ notExpand
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equipped with the hyperbolic metric y-Z(dxZ+dy2). A standard compactification of IH involves adding the boundary (R"• {0})w {*} so that I[-I is simply the one point compactification of the EuclideanExpand
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