Voltammetric determination of arsenic in high iron and manganese groundwaters.

  title={Voltammetric determination of arsenic in high iron and manganese groundwaters.},
  author={Kristoff Gibbon-Walsh and Pascal Sala{\"u}n and M Kalle Uroic and Joerg Feldmann and J M McArthur and Constant M. G. van den Berg},
  volume={85 3},
Determination of the speciation of arsenic in groundwaters, using cathodic stripping voltammetry (CSV), is severely hampered by high levels of iron and manganese. Experiments showed that the interference is eliminated by addition of EDTA, making it possible to determine the arsenic speciation on-site by CSV. This work presents the CSV method to determine As(III) in high-iron or -manganese groundwaters in the field with only minor sample treatment. The method was field-tested in West-Bengal… CONTINUE READING