Voltage-gated sodium channel expression and potentiation of human breast cancer metastasis.

  title={Voltage-gated sodium channel expression and potentiation of human breast cancer metastasis.},
  author={Scott Paton Fraser and James K. J. Diss and Athina-Myrto Chioni and Maria E. Mycielska and Huiyan Pan and Rezan Fahrioglu Yamaci and Filippo Eros Pani and Zuzanna S Siwy and Monika Krasowska and Zbigniew J. Grzywna and William J Brackenbury and Dimis Theodorou and Meral Koyut{\"u}rk and H. Bet{\"u}l Kaya and E Battaloglu and Manuela Tamburo De Bella and Martin J. Slade and Robert S. Tolhurst and Carlo Palmieri and Jie Jiang and D. S. Latchman and R C Coombes and Mustafa B. A. Djamgoz},
  journal={Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research},
  volume={11 15},
PURPOSE Ion channel activity is involved in several basic cellular behaviors that are integral to metastasis (e.g., proliferation, motility, secretion, and invasion), although their contribution to cancer progression has largely been ignored. The purpose of this study was to investigate voltage-gated Na(+) channel (VGSC) expression and its possible role in human breast cancer. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Functional VGSC expression was investigated in human breast cancer cell lines by patch clamp… CONTINUE READING


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