Voltage-dependent conformational changes in connexin channels.

  title={Voltage-dependent conformational changes in connexin channels.},
  author={Thaddeus A. Bargiello and Qingxiu Tang and Seunghoon Oh and Taekyung Kwon},
  journal={Biochimica et biophysica acta},
  volume={1818 8},
Channels formed by connexins display two distinct types of voltage-dependent gating, termed V(j)- or fast-gating and loop- or slow-gating. Recent studies, using metal bridge formation and chemical cross-linking have identified a region within the channel pore that contributes to the formation of the loop-gate permeability barrier. The conformational changes are remarkably large, reducing the channel pore diameter from 15 to 20Å to less than 4Å. Surprisingly, the largest conformational change… CONTINUE READING

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