Voltage-dependent K channels in protoplasts of trap-lobe cells ofDionaea muscipula

  title={Voltage-dependent K channels in protoplasts of trap-lobe cells ofDionaea muscipula},
  author={Toshihiko Iijima and Susumu Hagiwara},
  journal={The Journal of Membrane Biology},
The outward rectification of the K+ current in mesophyll cell protoplasts from trap-lobes ofDionaea muscipula was studied with the patch-clamp technique. The rectification had instantaneous and time-dependent components. Changes in [K+] i strongly affected the conductance voltage relation of the plasma membrane while changes in [K+] o had little effect on the relation. Thus, the outward rectification depends on the membrane voltage and the concentration of intracellular K+. Corresponding single… CONTINUE READING


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