Voltage Stability in an Electric Propulsion System for Ships


This Master of Science thesis was written based on the shipbuilder Kockums AB feasibility study regarding the development of an AllElectric Ship for the Swedish Navy. The thesis was aiming at addressing voltage stability issues in a dc system fed by PWM rectifiers operating in parallel when supplying constant power loads. A basic computer model was developed for investigating the influence from various parameters on the system. It was shown that the voltage stability is dependent upon the ability to store energy in large capacitors. It was also shown that a voltage droop must be implemented maintaining load sharing within acceptable limits. Different cases of operation were modelled, faults were discussed, and the principal behaviour of the system during a short-circuit was investigated. It was shown that the short-circuit current is much more limited in this type of system in comparison to an ac system. It was concluded that more research and development regarding the components of the system must be performed.

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