Volcanoes of Southern Peru

  title={Volcanoes of Southern Peru},
  author={Fred Mason Bullard},
  journal={Bulletin Volcanologique},
  • F. M. Bullard
  • Published 1 December 1962
  • Geology
  • Bulletin Volcanologique
Genèse et évolution des magmas andésitiques à thyodacitiques récents des volcans Misti et Ubinas (sud du Pérou)
Le Misti et l'Ubinas sont deux volcans actifs de la Zone Volcanique Centrale des Andes du Sud du Perou. Le Misti est situe au front de l'arc volcanique plio-quaternairee, tandis que l'Ubinas se
Ubinas: the evolution of the historically most active volcano in southern Peru
Ubinas volcano has had 23 degassing and ashfall episodes since A.D. 1550, making it the historically most active volcano in southern Peru. Based on fieldwork, on interpretation of aerial photographs
Probing the hidden magmatic evolution of El Misti volcano (Peru) with the Pb isotope composition of fumaroles
This work proposes a new method to probe the hidden magmatic evolution of quiescent Andean volcanoes from the Pb isotope composition of gases. The method is based on an assimilation-fractional
The role of individuals’ risk representations in risk management - case-study on lahars in Arequipa (Peru)
BackgroundIn risk-prone areas, measuring risk representation can help implementing communication and disclosing information among the population, in order to increase individual initiatives to
Short term forecasting of explosions at Ubinas volcano, Perú
[1] Most seismic eruption forerunners are described using Volcano-Tectonic earthquakes, seismic energy release, deformation rates or seismic noise analyses. Using the seismic data recorded at Ubinas
Réponse sismique à un forçage magmatique
This work focuses on the seismic response of a volcano to different magmatic processes with the aim of sheding light on their driving physics as tracked by seismicity. We study seismic time series


Geology of the Lake Titicaca region, Peru and Bolivia