author={Hans-Ulrich Schmincke},
Quaternary arc volcanism in circum −Pacific arcs , especial 且y the Japanese Islands, is reviewed and d董scロssed from a tectonic viewpoint . The summary is as follows; (1) There is no correlation between the chemical and petrological character 三stics of volcanic rocks and the depths of deep seismic zone . (2》 The geographic position of ‘‘ volcanic front ’, defined by SuGIMuRA (1960)dGes not coincide with any contour of the hypocentral depth of deep selsmlc zono (3) 1t is d櫛 cult to consider the… 
Pyroclastic deposition in the Cretaceous Shahezi Formation (Well SK‐2) Songliao Basin, China: Implications for tectonics and volcanism
Well SK‐2 is located in the Songliao Basin. Core samples from this well indicate that the Early Cretaceous Shahezi Formation has a length of 2,359.01 m and is in direct contact with the basin
Volcanogenic CO2 Degassing in the Songliao Continental Rift System, NE China
The Wudalianchi monogenetic volcanic field (WMVF) is located in the Songliao basin within a major continental rift system in NE China. Bubbling springs and diffuse degassing from soils are typical
Chapter 12 Inner-arc volcanism: Barren and Narcondam islands
Abstract Barren and Narcondam are active and now extinct, respectively, volcanic islands that belong to the inner-arc volcanic belt that extends from Java in the east to Burma in the north. Modern
Exposures of olivine‐rich rocks in the vicinity of Ares Vallis: Implications for Noachian and Hesperian volcanism
The igneous evolution of Mars is well represented in stratigraphic settings that transition across major time stratigraphic boundaries. Here we analyze in detail the morphology and composition,
Structural evidence of enhanced active subsidence at the bottom of a maar: Rincón de Parangueo, México
Abstract Rincón de Parangueo is a Quaternary maar that has been recently desiccated. The crater was partially occupied by a soda lake, and near the shoreline microbialites have formed. Evaporites
Hydrothermal system of the active crater of Aso volcano (Japan) inferred from a three-dimensional resistivity structure model
During the past two decades, studies of the Aso volcano in Japan have improved our understanding of the shallow hydrothermal system that exists beneath the active crater of this volcano. Detailed
Geometrical evolution of volcanoes: a theoretical approach
Shape of many volcanic edifices depend on different phenomena, such as parasitic cones, erosion or coral growth. A nonlinear model proposed in 1981 proves that the shape of volcanoes is determined by
Effect of volatiles erupted from Mesozoic and Cenozoic volcanic activities on paleo-environmental changes in China
Based on the determination of composition of volcanic volatiles and petrologic estimation of the total mass of volatiles erupted, we showed important advances in the study of the impact of Mesozoic
The geology and volcanological history of Mount Avital
Weinstein, Y. and Weinberger, R. The geology and volcanological history of Mount Avital. Isr. J. Earth sci. 55: 237–255. Phreatomagmatic (hydrovolcanic) structures are rare in the Golan Heights,