Voices of hope. Hearing and caring for Haitian adolescents.

  • Jessie M Colin
  • Published 2001 in
    Journal of holistic nursing : official journal of…


Although much research has been conducted on the effects of migration on the psychosocial evolution of various ethnic groups, only limited information exists about the meaning of migration for Haitian adolescents. Haitian adolescents, in addition to experiencing the trials of adolescence, often feel a sense of loss and confusion when they are forced to leave their homeland. This phenomenological study focuses on the experience of being a Haitian adolescent living in South Florida. Six Haitian adolescents were both interviewed and asked to produce writing about their experiences and perception of self-identity. Their responses evaluated in light of Piaget, Erickson, and Sullivan illustrated eight themes defining the adolescents' senses of identity: pride, isolation, prejudice, parental strictness, nostalgia, belonging, familism, and career vision. The insights acquired through this study have practical applications in designing more effective caring strategies, in advocating for clients, and in delivering culturally competent holistic nursing care.

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