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Voice Driven Virtual Assistant Tutor in Virtual Reality for Electronic and Electrical Engineering Remote Laboratories

  title={Voice Driven Virtual Assistant Tutor in Virtual Reality for Electronic and Electrical Engineering Remote Laboratories},
  author={Michael J. Callaghan and Gildas Bengloan and Julien Ferrer and L{\'e}o Cherel and Mohamed El Mostadi and Augusto G{\'o}mez Egu{\'i}luz and Niall McShane},
The first generation of affordable consumer virtual reality headsets and related peripherals are now available. Question-Answering (QA) systems and speech recognition/synthesis has improved dramatically over the last decade. Virtual assistants, based on speech-based services are growing in popularity and can be used in a range of diverse application areas. This paper explores the practical use of virtual reality, IOT and voice driven virtual assistants in remote laboratories to facilitate… 



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