Voice Antispoofing System Vulnerabilities Research

  title={Voice Antispoofing System Vulnerabilities Research},
  author={Aleksandr M Sinitca and Nikita V. Efimchik and Evgeniy Shalugin and Vladimir A. Toropov and Konstantin Simonchik},
  journal={2020 IEEE Conference of Russian Young Researchers in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EIConRus)},
Recently, the problem of protecting information systems from various types of spoofing is gaining relevance. The article presents a study of the voice anti-spoofing system for the search for vulnerabilities to text-to-speech attack. As part of the study, a new test dataset was created for the voice anti-spoofing system, which includes about 150,000 audio from more than 15,000 phrases in 25 languages by 8 TTS engines. The study showed uneven recognition quality depending on the voice of the text… 
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