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Voice –Based E-Mail (V-Mail) for blind

  title={Voice –Based E-Mail (V-Mail) for blind},
  author={Hari Priya},
Currently, visually challenged people are not able to use computers on their own mainly because keyboards are not user-friendly to them. With advancement in technology, these people find themselves technologically more challenged. This is true especially in the case of social networking, which these people cannot do without external help. Voice-Mail architecture helps blind people to access e-mail and other multimedia functions. Nowadays, the advancement made in computer technology has opened… 

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Email System for Visually Impaired People

This project aims to create an application that has minimal use of keyboard and no use of mouse at all that will be beneficial for visually challenged person to avail every utility that an ordinary person uses to send mails and receive emails efficiently without involving any third entity.

Blind Electronic Mail System

The Voice-mail framework design is depicted that can be utilized by a Blind individual to get to messages effectively and productively and has empowered the visually impaired public to deliver and get voice-based e-mail messages in their local language with the assistance of a PC.



An enhanced speech-based Internet browsing system for visually challenged

The prototype designed by the authors is an enhancement over the existing systems in terms of its enhanced functionalities, better performance, two way dialogue based mechanism, and controlled delivery of information from internet.

WebbIE : a Web Browser for Visually Impaired People

The end user should be able to view the document as intended by the author or to access the content in a manner more desirable or practical for the user (using the HTML), in practice the principle of separating content and presentation has not been honoured.

Iterative design of a Braille writing tutor to combat illiteracy

An iterative and participatory design process resulting in the creation and refinement of a prototype Braille writing tutor system that uses a novel input device to capture a student's activity on a slate using a stylus and uses a range of techniques to teach BrailleWriting skills to both beginner and advanced students.

A speech enabled Indian language text to Braille transliteration system

  • Tirthankar DasguptaA. Basu
  • Computer Science, Linguistics
    2009 International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Development (ICTD)
  • 2009
A speech enabled bidirectional automatic Indian language text to Braille transliteration system for bridging the communication gap between a visually impaired and a sighted person is presented.

Architecture of a web browser for visually handicapped people

The proposed architecture allows a blind person to navigate any web content through simple speech commands and voice feedback to any keyboard operation and makes it easy for the visually handicapped people to surf the web.