Vodou, Penises and Bones Ritual performances of death and eroticism in the cemetery and the junk yard of Port-au-Prince

  title={Vodou, Penises and Bones Ritual performances of death and eroticism in the cemetery and the junk yard of Port-au-Prince},
  author={Myron M. Beasley},
  journal={Performance Research},
  pages={41 - 47}
  • M. Beasley
  • Published 1 March 2010
  • Art
  • Performance Research
In the Western society a cemetery is usually a place for collective burials set apart from the ordinary living and working places of the folk. But a dead human body is commonly looked upon with ambivalent feeling by kin ... for hygienic reasons it must be removed for the company of the living. In many societies a dead human body is also regarded as polluting in the sense of involving ritual danger, which must be removed by cleansing performances. Yes, some sorrow is usually felt at the loss of… 

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