Vocal learning: a language-relevant trait in need of a broad cross-species approach

  title={Vocal learning: a language-relevant trait in need of a broad cross-species approach},
  author={Ella Z. Lattenkamp and S. Vernes},
  journal={Current opinion in behavioral sciences},
  • Ella Z. Lattenkamp, S. Vernes
  • Published 2018
  • Psychology
  • Current opinion in behavioral sciences
  • Although humans are unmatched in their capacity to produce speech and learn language, comparative approaches in diverse animal models are able to shed light on the biological underpinnings of language-relevant traits. In the study of vocal learning, a trait crucial for spoken language, passerine birds have been the dominant models, driving invaluable progress in understanding the neurobiology and genetics of vocal learning despite being only distantly related to humans. To date, there is sparse… CONTINUE READING
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